Swift Playgrounds

Mi primer Swift Playground Book de Matemáticas

Cómo ya había comentado en mi primer post, llevo mucho tiempo con la mente puesta en la creación actividades de matemáticas a través de la programación. Es algo que realizaba hace años pero dentro de la materia de informática en un aula de ordenadores.


Ahora con Swift Playgrounds podemos centrarnos en el problema matemático tanto como queramos (Podemos mostrar o hacer editable únicamente el código que consideremos relevante), sin salir del aula y con una característica crítica: Feedback automático.

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Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds Books

As this is my first post in this blog, I wanted… I needed to talk about something that occupies my thought lately: Swift Playgrounds Books.
It is a specific file format that can only be created with Xcode on a mac and runs under Swift Playgrounds on an iPad. It lets you create your lessons/ activities divided in chapters. You can hide the code that you don’t want the user to see, so that he/ she can focus on the problem they are trying to sort out. This is in my opinion the key feature of the whole thing, because it means that you can use it in steam subjects where you can use coding for problem solving.

I am working on how to integrate some of these activities in Maths, as coding == maths.

There is already a great example out there from my fellow ADE Daniel Budd. I strongly recommend his blog